Human Resources Director, UK & Ireland


This top-tier global healthcare company was undergoing a significant transformation both in terms of its business and culture. The new strategy primarily focused on moving away from their conventional products and introducing more innovative and profitable ones. This role was crucial in supporting the UK & Ireland transformation, which was one of the company’s biggest and most prominent markets.


The most difficult part of this search was locating a profile that met three specific requirements. Firstly, the candidate had to be an international talent with experience on a regional or global scale. Additionally, they needed to have a proven record of success working in a large pharmaceutical company. Lastly, we were seeking a leader who possessed the necessary experience and credibility to excel in the role immediately, while also having the potential to grow into larger international roles in the future.


Leveraging ChapmanCG’s successful track record, we reached out to HR leaders in our network who fit the desired profile. At the same time, our research team focused on identifying HR Directors outside our network with a background in the pharmaceutical industry in the UK and later expanded the search to include nearby European countries.


During the process, the client presented two offers. The first offer was an HR leader within our network who possessed the exact background and experience that they were seeking. The second offer was a highly rated HR leader without previous pharmaceutical experience, who was introduced to them through our network. These options provided the client with a unique perspective on potential talent for their business.

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