Head of HR, Middle East & Turkey


Our client had recently separated from its parent company and had a build situation on its hands, but with the benefit of the historical success of its brands and products. After a highly successful IPO, the team aimed to establish a foundation of experienced and skilled leaders to steer the company’s people strategy forward.


We were tasked with finding an Istanbul-based leader with an extensive understanding of the nuances and intricacies of the Middle East, Turkey and Africa markets. Additionally, they must have a history of managing a team and achieving operational excellence, as well as the ability to become a key member of an Executive Leadership group. Lastly, we were looking for someone with a multinational background who was well-versed in best practices and eager to transition into a smaller, more ambiguous environment.


The team commenced the search by considering both the current Turkish market and unearthing Turkish leaders in our network, who were currently residing overseas but had a desire to return to their home country. We were conscious of current inflation issues in the region and flagged the volatile compensation situation early with our client. The team consisted of our Turkish-based consultant and our Middle East specialist. As per the agreed timeframe, we provided a diverse selection of candidates for consideration.


A handful of initial interviews were set up and the finalist was identified at the second stage of discussions. We assisted the candidate in negotiating the offer and verified their references to ensure a smooth process. As a result, the offer was finalised well within the agreed timeframe.

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